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King Genocide George II & the Republican Nazi Satanist Terrorist Rogue Nation Inc.

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Audio Book By Victor Moore:

"King Genocide George Bush II & The Republican Nazi Satanist Terrorist Rogue Nation Inc."

website: www.VictorSRMoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com

Bush & Republicans Created & Spread The AIDS & HIV Biological Warfare Weapon! Bush & Republicans Bombed New York On 9-11 Republican Nazi Terrorist Rogue Nation murdered the Left Wing Leaders under Operation Cointelpro & Operation CHAOS. Democrats like 7-Kennedies, Begiche & Boggs, Senator Paul Wellstone. Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. Peace leaders like the Yuppies and the 60's Rock Stars. Labor leaders like Cesar Chavez and Jimmy Hoffa. Comics like Lenny Bruce. etc. Read Alex Constantines 4x books. go to, Tetrahedron.org & radiolibety.com Website proof from Dr. Horowitz & 30 others that: The AIDS & HIV virus are a biological warfare weapon, created under orders from Republican Nazi enemy agents: George Bush the First, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, FBI's Joe Edgar Hoover, Rockefeller & other Republicans. Poison in medicines, blood supplies, hypodermic injections and pills, plus the Red Cross, USAID, & other "Health" entities are being mis-used to spread poisons in a global genocide also! Over 37-million dead! Over 30-million sick and dying! 8,000. dead per day.


This was done under the "MMIC," America's Military-Medical Industrial Complex, continuing the Nazi agenda to turn the medical healing sciences into military mass murder sciences Covertly. of dollars profit for Republican pharmaceutical corporations. Non whites, Democrats, Left-Wingers and homosexuals exterminated systematicly, on going. A continuation of the Nazi Euthenasia genocide agenda. Especially the ethnic cleansing of resource rich Africa. 27-million of the dead are Negros. 18% increase in the U.S.A. since George W. Bush stole office by Fascist Coup. Henry Kissinger was a German Nazi war criminal, brought into U.S. Government under Operation Paperclip. He was in charge of Hitlers Biological and Chemical Warfare department. The same Republican war industries selling this poison for profit are making a fortune selling the medicines to allegedly cure their own poison. The Republicans learned this from their partners in the Mafia. The Mafia holds a gun to a victims head and demands protection money. "Who are you protecting us from?" asks the victim. "From us!" answers the mob. Monthly payments are enforced by force. With no medicine payments, you die! The quarter of a century safe sex lie is a part of the propaganda spread to continue the effectiveness of the HIV military genocide weapon. The only safe sex is abstainance, self masturbation, and sex aids like artificial penis dildos, vibrators, artificial vaginas or "pocket pussys," rubber dolls, etc. Even hand shakes or playing sweaty contact sports can spread the HIV Biological warfare weapons. Genitals are now military murder weapons. Bush Bombed New York! go to, www.Ratical.org Website proof from John Judges 9-11 Papers that: Bush & Republicans bombed New York & Pentagon on 9/11 Our air defenses were ordered to look the other way around the 9-11 dates! Republican politicians were told to not take commercial flights around that date! It was a fake staged Pearl Harbor/Or Tonkan Gulf Incident, For Bushes 60 to 100 nation corporate crime mob World War III, to destroy the Constitution and Bill Of Rights while seizing all valuable territory globally in a fascist genocidal coupe. Remember, Bin Laden, the Taliban, the al-Qaeda, & Saddam Huessin are CIA creations, armed, trained & financed. Weeks before 9-11, Genocied George Bush the second was in Afghanistan & stated, "Either accept this carpet of gold, and let us put in our oil pipeline, or we will bury you under a carpet of bombs!" Website proof from DickGregory.com that: AGENT WARRANTS ORDERED FBI AGENTS NOT TO DO ANYTHING ON 9-11, AND WAS THEN PROMOTED. I have been telling you all for 6 months now, Americans are the victim of the most monstrous hoax in history. Zacarias Moussaoui was being protected by the FBI because he was the necessary live patsy needed to help pin 9-11 on the people living over the oil so the United States could go to war, a war which had been announced to other nations months before 9-11 happened.   ======

Hitler created World War II by faking a terrorist bombing on German soil, then claimed Polish terrorist evildoers bombed us, so we must seize their land and government militarily as a matter of national defense. Anybody who doesn't support Hitler is UnPatriotic. Senator Prescott Bush was the last Nazi Arms Dealer & Financier out of the U.S. after it was illegalized during WW II. When he got caught and was going to be convicted for Treason and War Crimes, he had son George Bush I join the Navy as an Alibi that Bushes weren't Nazi Sympathizer. George Bush the First says, "I learned the most from the good values taught to me by my father." World War I was created by the "Terrorist Bombing," "they hit us first," sinking of the Lusitania Luxury Cruise ship by a German U-Boat submarine off the Southern Coast of Ireland. Later it was proven a set up. The fast, state-of-the art ship was purposely slowed down and sailed straight, violation of the defense procedure manuvres of zig-zagging fast to evade torpedoes. Communications were also made to reveal the location & course to Germans. "The slogan of the U.S. & British Forces for the war was, "Lest we forget the Lusitania." The Bush & Walker Families also financed the German Kaiser in WWI. Behind Every Terrorist, there is a BUSH! Never Confuse Patriotic Duty With Blind Obedience To Criminal Government Servant, Employees!  Bush slaughtered 2-million dead in Ruwanda with his Barrick Gold Mining Corporation through the 1990's. For proof go to, www.DickGregory.com & www.GregPalast.com  Anthrax in U.S. Mail is a Republican war industry attack also. Democratic Senator Tom Daschle, the News Press and others were targeted to "Terrorize" their cooperation for a fake war, and destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with "The Patriot Act," & "The Home Stead Act." Proof & sources are listed in my book.  In the movie of real life events, "The Odessa Files" the Post World War II Nazi war criminal orginizations battle plan was to take over the world by the Corporate ownership seizing of everything, arm, train, finance & stir up the Middle East, to attack Israel. Fulfilling Hitlers last order to exterminate all jews. George Bush I & II has continued much of this work for over a quarter of a century. By -billion dollar weapons sales profits to our enemies Iraq, Iran, the Taliban, the al-Qaeda, (both of wich are CIA creations) and others. Plus tax dollar theft & -trillion dollar oil profits! Iraq Bombed Israel with Scud Missles sold to him under Bushes authorization and financing during Desert Storm.  In the Vietnam War, over dollars of war industry monies went to West German Corporations. Not a coincidence.  George Bush the First, Reunified East & West Germany. Not a coincidence. The Bushes and countless others have been Nazi enemy agents in the U.S.A. and abroad for four generations. Now they're training the fifth! The Iran-Contra Cocaine dealing & weapons dealing to our enemy Bushes, and their business partners the Bin Ladins, have run the opium trade out of Asia together for three generations. Many of the Bush Cabinet Members and the Bin Laden family are co-owners of the "Carlyle Group," which they're looting -billion dollar tax payers checks to for "National Security."  A few days after the 9-11 bombings, George Bush the first did a -million dollar transaction with the Bin Ladins through the "Carlyle Group."

In the January after 9-11, Savings & Loan Bank Robber, Neil Bush was in Saudi Arabia running a -million dollar fund raiser with the Bin Laden family. When the FBI, on George Bush II orders to investigate the Bin Laden money trail, they did as they were told. Reporting back, "All Bin Laden money trails lead to the Bush Family!" "Oh no, no, no, they are the good Bin Ladens! Only investigate evil Osamah." said George Bush II.  Weeks before 9-11, Bush II was in Afghanistan and told them, "Either accept this carpet of gold, and let us put in our oil pipeline, or we'll bury you under a carpet of bombs. Near all mass news & other media are now owned by 6 Republicans. You didn't hear this stuff reported did you? For a list of media that report truth, buy Victor Moores book below.  CIA Agent Bush I was one of the "who's who, in the CIA" at the JFK murder site in Texas! He is on a court of law public record stating that, "I (Bush) telephoned from a payphone near the kill site that "Lee Harvey Oswald did it." King George Bush the First was later asked in a live T.V. interview in the 1980's while in office, the question every American knows: "Where were you when president John F. Kennedy was killed?" Bush replied his favorite "Iran-Contra Court" alibi lie, "I don't recall." ________________ Chinese Communist enemy agents George Bush the First helped China take over of dollars of U.S. & global manufacturing labor & retail merchandising. He has also given a fortune of U.S. tax dollars and weaponry to the Communist Chinese. Half the products on U.S.A. retail shelves now say Made in China thanks to Bush. China is Bushes perfect model for his "New World Order." Capitalist Fascism not Capitalist Democracy. No rights or decent pay for citizens. Just obediant worker ants & army ants. No anti-corporate-pollution laws. Arming and financing enemies of the U.S. against us has been a "Bush Family Value" for four generations, and they're training the fifth. Senator Prescott Bush was an Ambassador to China. China was formaly a starved, weak, low tech. clean, isolated, Chinese lizard. Now China is a global, well armed & financed, golden, high tech. fire-breathing dragon, growing in strength against us! Corporate pollution levels in China will soon surpass the U.S.A. The Chinese are expanding operations globally. That's "Reaganomics," creating jobs in action. Jobs for Third World high pollution sweat shops not Americans. In the recent words of King George Bush the Second, "I'm going to outlaw all Labor Unions! Anyone in a school teachers or nurses Union is a Terrorist! It looks like we can't afford the middle class anymore!" This is a Class War to rob citizens from all angles in an elite ruling class evil empire of global Tyranny! Centuries ago, Nostradomus accurately predicted, WW I, the Great Depression, WW II, the Kennedy murders, and the 9-11 twin towers of Babylon New York attack etc. His future predictions after this was for the United States to fall to greed, and eventualy the yellow races would rule the world. With Bush global greed, tyranny & treason, I believe it. We must prevent this now before it's too late! Nazi Enemy Agent Bush is systematicly turning all of our global allies against us, as well as looting our corporations, banks, economy, wallets & Government blind! Destroying The Constitution, Bill of Rights & Justice! Arming & enraging our enemies against us. Checkmate! ______________________ We The People Demand Jail To The Commander/ Co-Murderer & Theif, Plus His Team Of Accomplices! Seizure of Their Global Stolen & Pillaged Assets to Fix Damages! 35 Years Republican Presidencies were seized fraudulently by crime and were never legitimately authorized by the majority vote of We The People. Therefore all of their work is fraudulent and must be undone. Every law they passed, every bill, & every policy as well as every appointed judge, and other government employees. All multi-trillion tax dollars seized back globally. Evidence to guarantee the permanent defeat of the Republican Party below!!! Stop this phony 30-year, 100-Nation, .-ocracy, Oil-igarchy World War III ! Republicans are war pirates for profit! Murder for Money War Criminals! The military of "We The Suckers" is not the private corporate-crime mob goon squad of our Republican employee servants! _____________________________________________________ website: www.VictorSRMoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com _____________________________________________________ My audio book is available by delivery gift only, (U.S. Post Mail, U.P.S. Fed. Ex. or DHL) check or money order only to: Victor S.R. Moore email to get Post address & purchase agreements: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com Audio Book: "King Genocide George Bush & The Republican Nazi Terrorist Rogue Nation Inc." Numerous reference materials & research lists contained. Many more Republican crimes listed. Much has been researched under the Freedom of Information Act. Lists of many contact numbers of various media sources that can keep the public informed of truth. Truth despite the CIA's right wing propaganda lies, that have infultrated most corporate media through big money buy-offs with your tax dollars, systematically. This Audio Book is an audio book, CD or Audio Cassette Tape. Specify your favorite format. You can play this for many people and help save the world fast & easy: . plus . shipping & handling. Allow up to 4 weeks to arrive by U.S. Post Mail. The only way to keep Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Press & Expression alive is to consume and support Independant media. Thankyou! To purchase website: www.victorsrmoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com ADDITIONAL GIFTS URGED PLEASE! I'm trying to fight a -trillion dollar Beast single handed. I am not a non-profit, so sorry, not tax-deductable, please write "Gift" not donation on check or Money Order. Thankyou. To contact Victor Moore for a free 4-document email promo, website: www.victorsrmoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com

MOORE & More Important Topics!

Victor Moores Bio: A descendant of real life founding father and mother, Captain John Ross And Betsy Ross, who sewed the first U.S.A. flag. And I AM FOR FLAG-BURNING IN FREEDOM! The flag the Republican Fascist corporate crime-mobster Party are wiping their butt with, and splattering blood & disease on now. The Ross Clan has served in every war in U.S.A. history up to date, as well as other branches of the family. My family fought to prevent King George Bush Imperial style tyranny, taxation without representation, Confederate slavery & division, Nazi Fascism, Communist Fascism, etc. College Educated Motion Picture Film & Television Producer/Director with International Television & Film Festival Credits and Awards. IMAGE, Pacifica Network, PBS Television & Radio Member & Supporter. Stand-Up Comic, Voice-Impersonator, Musician, Artist & Writer. Public & Media Speaking And Performance is available, both for promotion of the above as well as other topics. ASIFA, The International Film Animators Society. Captain Co-Founding Member Of A Grassroots Organization with many Political Victories. Eagle Scout, Assistant Scoutmaster. I'm available for Public Speaking & Comedy Performance. website: victorsrmoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com  No Murder for Money, Blood For Oil. Not in my name! Oil has never been a real threat to National Security! It's been known for a century that ethanol-alcohol, methanol-alcohol, & natural gas, can fuel the same internal combustion engines we use gasoline in for automobiles and electric generators. Also home furnaces & water heating. No Pollution! Soy oil, diesel fuel substitute is also available. These are renewable organic & agricultural bi-products wich would make the U.S. farmer the fuel suppliers, not big oil. These organic vegetation based fuels can be made from garbage & cattle excrement also, cleaning up the methane ground soil pollution problem. This is partly why Reagan & Bush were trying to Incorporate Americas farms, so they would become Monopoly commodities of a few King Corporate Republicans. Organic fuels as well as 60% of the worlds food supply. The new sinister plan is for all plant life species to be copyrighted by a handfull of Corporate Monopolies. Also for the global water supplies to be seized into Corpocracy. Germany had Hydrogen engines in the 1930's. Nickola Tesla had automobiles allmost a century ago that ran off of free gamma rays in the atmosphere. Big oil seized the patent & buried it. Electric cars are a reality available in many makes. You can add solar panels to the dash boards to fill your tank with sunshine for free, as well as generators with flywheels to the wheels. A recent GM electric car could do 0-70 miles per hour in 6 seconds flat. These aren't just slow golf carts anymore! The GM models were bullied off the market by big oil pressures however. There are multi-ton electric trucks available also. These are silent vehicles, no noise pollution or smoke pollution. Every electric plant can run clean off ethanol, natural gas & hydrogen. Every power pole should have a solar panel and a wind generator fan for free, zero pollution electricity. Bush & Cheney Enron, plus their puppet Pete Wilson, & others just robbed California of over with their phony "Rolling Blackmail Blackouts," fake energy crisis. If we in California, "The Sunshine State," fully converted ,we could sell our surplus back to Bush's Texas & Cheneys Neo-Nazi infested Idaho, then gouge the price back! Cheneys theft of of your dollars into his Nuclear Plants, is because they help in making Nuclear Weapons to sell back to our enemies also. This Nazi Corporate Crime Mob must be shut down. Sources of alternative fuels, energy & vehicles are listed in my book. We can't stop being "We the Suckers," until we stop sucking & financing these pollution for profit extortion racquets. No more clubbing, arrests & chemical warfare assaults against left wing protests & assemblies. If the United States were a real Democracy, Law Enforcement Servant Employees to Protect & Serve us, should be protecting us not attacking us fascist style! Proof is in my book that orders for clubbing & arrest to law enforcement, often come directly from Presidents, Governors & other "Representatives of We the Suckers." Is there any representation for our taxation up there? New poisons are being guineau pig tested on crowds protesting against Bush right now, coast to coast & world wide! CIA bribed corporate media ignore the millions of anti-Bush protestors globally, while treating him like the second comming... of Bush that is... or Hitler... Hell, same thing! Right Wing Neo-Nazi, Aryan-Nation & Ku Klux Klan parades & rallies get law enforcement protection to assemble and practice freedom of speech, expression & press. Wake up! Floridagate was CONFEDERATEGATE! a Republican "Confederate Terrorist Rogue Nation Coup against the USA Federal Government when over 16-states, mostly southern, were caught vote cheating. Florida-Gate, where over 60 laws were broken by Republicans, was only one of many. Al Gore received over 500,000. citezen votes higher despite cheating. Dick Cheney broke the 16th Amendment declaring more residencies than the Electoral College rules allow. His Neo-Nazi infested Idaho of "Incident at Ruby Ridge," movie fame being one. The Neo-Nazi organizations are CIA Mind Control Cults also. You better believe Republican vote cheating will be perfected without being caught next time in their final check-mate destruction of Democracy, unless everyone gets politicaly involved now! P.S. Do you notice lately that most Republican Politicians, Officials And Spokesmen are wearing the colors of the Nazi Swastika Flag? SS Guistapo style, Fascist Black-Coat Business Suits, like Joe Edgar Hoover of FBI fame, red ties and white shirts. The Republican Violation of Church and State is Based on the Nazi and Ku Klux Klan view & practice of Christianity. "We are superior good white Christians, therefore we are entitled to seize all territory, rob, imprison, enslave and murder anyone different than us. For we are good and all others are evil. This is not real Christianity. this is the Anti-Christ agenda. Jesus taught: thou shalt not kill, steal, lie, bear false witness in court or elsewhere, or swear an oath in my name in vein (lying or not fulfilling that oath). "you cannot worship wealth and me (Jesus). Jesus was against the death penalty, "Let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone," he said. Republicans are desecrating the cross by using it as a government execution murder device again like Caesar in Ancient Rome. Strapping victims to it for lethal injections. Jesus said the worst of all sins is hypocracy, and the worst hypocracy is the false prophet and hypocritical clerical religious officials & believers. For they turn my followers away from me or mislead them to wrong in my name. The Book of Matthew has most of this teaching. 30 out of 35 words of Mathew in the New Testament of the Christian Holy Bible are the direct words of Jesus. Jesus at the Republican Convention: If Jesus Christ appeared in the flesh at a United States Republican Party Convention, he'd be called a homeless, hippie, Jew, Peace and Love subversive agitator. Then he'd be beaten, have his face and head shaved to look like a Roman Government Military/Corporate Empireal Fascist like them, then be hung by the neck until dead; Ku Klux Klan style, because he offended their "Good Christian Morality." Republicans break all of these rules of Jesus as an ongoing life style. Their false prophets for profit and propeganda, such as Jerry Fallwell, Jack Van Impe, and past Presidential Candidate Pat Robertson, are some of these. Also Republican tax free money laundering religious organization fronts, that bush is donating your tax dollars to, are an absolute violation of the Constitutional Seperation Of Church And State Law, as well as Taxation Without Representation. The U.S.A. & Constitution were formed in part to escape ancient on going religious persecution through government. Jewish Holocausts have continuosly reoccured for over 10,000. years. Including England, Russia and other nations, not just Germany, Rome, Egypt and the Middle East. The original "Holy Christian Crusades & Holy Wars" were to seize foreign wealth in violation of the rules and teaching of Jesus. So is King George Bush The Seconds new Middle Eastern "Holy Christian Crusades & Holy Wars!" Every Nazi soldiers uniform & vehicle had a Christian iron cross on it while practicing the anti-Christ agenda. The Nazis taught a cult following of "The Tutonic Knights Order with this philosopy. Also denominational Catholic vs Lutheran wars in violation of Jesus' teachings etc. Most of the ancient European Wars were between "Christian" nations. Both claiming to be killing for Jesus while Jesus said, "Though shalt not kill, nor cast the first stone, do turn the other cheek, and make peace with your enemies." The misinterpretation of his line, "I bring a sword, not an olive branch," was an Aramaic saying meaning division, not military murder. Right Wingers falsley claim it means war. Left Wing pro Peace, pro charity for the poor and underprivelaged, and Garden of Eden like clean environment are much closer to the Jesus agenda than Republicans. They have never been either moral or a majority. Jesus of Nazareth was executed on the cross by a corrupt relationship of church and state. Hypocritical organized religious clergymen accused Jesus of being an "evildoer," and a blasphemer. A real Christian should never want a church & state combined. Republicans Fascists are doing Government Executions on the cross today. The lethal injection death penalty is administered on a white cross shaped table! Many executed are Christians & Jews! They are strapped to the table in the same crucifix position as Jesus, & instead of nails, needles are stabbed into their arms. Nazi Murder through Medicine Dr. Joseph Mengele Style, Genocide instead of healing. Prayer in public schools has allways been legal, at recess, or in religious club meetings. But having a government employee conduct prayer is church & state combined. Knock it off. The Republican agenda is the anti-christ agenda. Left wing agendas, even the Atheists, are much more Christian like. The best example of a real Christian in U.S. history was Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. "The Black Moses." FBI/CIA Republicans under operation COINTELPRO called him, "The Black Messiah." Thus they had him and others murdered. In the books of Alex Constantine, he proves under the Freedom of Information Act, that under CIA Director George Bushes torture research, Satanic Ritual was practiced, including the rape & sexual torture of children & adults against their will. A continuation of Dr. Joseph Mengela & other Nazi medical & psychological warfare programs. The non-quoted material of others is: ©Victor Moore 2002, all rights reserved. Permission to share and duplicate this information through all media and other means to spread the word is granted, So long as it's complete with my address for book & video orders info. Media interviews available. Spread the word and save the world! Thanks. Permission is not granted to duplicate this material to litigate me. Thanks!  website: www.VictorSRMoore.2itb.com email: ordervsrm2itb@aol.com

Booben-Gropen-Fuhrer "Cali-Porn-Ya Ubber Alles!"
Republican Nazi S.S. Schwarzenegger Gay Porn Family Values! 18 year olds only!

Republican Nazi S.S. Schwarzenegger Fascist Salute! BoobenGroper Uber Alles!!!
Republican Nazi S.S. Schwarzenegger Fascist Salute! BoobenGroper Uber Alles!!!